Goji is part of the berry category, originating in China, with several benefits for the body, mind and appearance. These bright red fruits were used thousands of years ago in China, especially by Buddhist monks, to revitalize and clear the mind and strengthen the body’s natural protection.

Later, goji berries began to be grown in Europe and are often found in our country under “sea buckthorn”. They can be consumed as such, dried, in juice, tea or tinctures.

Goji – Sources of Antioxidants to Strengthen the Immune System

Goji berries are important sources of antioxidants, with benefits on preventing premature aging of the body and degradation of vision. They are low in calories so they can be consumed during diets, as snacks between meals or added to various dishes.

Also, regular consumption of goji brings a considerable intake of vitamins A, B, and C, helping to strengthen the immune system, stabilizing blood pressure, and preventing diabetes.

Thanks to its antioxidant power and high vitamins that help regenerate tissues, goji berries are a staple in many skincare cosmetics, especially skin regeneration.

Goji and Health Benefits

Goji berries can be an extremely delicious and healthy snack, with multiple benefits on the body if consumed regularly. They are especially appreciated for their powerful antioxidant properties, which help keep the body young and energetic, support vision and the proper functioning of the heart.

These sweet fruits can be eaten confidently by diabetics or pre-diabetics, regulating blood sugar levels. They also have the power to revitalize and energize the tired or stressed body.

Here are some of the most important benefits of goji berries for your body’s health:

Strengthening the Immune System

Due to their high content of vitamin C and polysaccharides, goji berries are a good help in the fight against colds, viral and bacterial infections.

One effect is strengthening the immune system and ensuring the proper functioning of blood circulation. Various recent studies have shown that regular consumption of goji berries can enhance the impact of the flu vaccine and can supplement the body’s natural protective barrier.

In this sense, you can consume dried goji in the form of a hot tea or add it to various fruit salads.

Help With Slimming Belts

Goji berries are suitable for any weight loss diet because they are high in fiber and low in calories. Thus, they can be a delicious snack between meals, the high fiber content helping to prolong the feeling of satiety and fullness, avoiding hearty meals.

Goji berries added to yogurt, fruit salads or various dishes do not affect the caloric balance of the day, being extremely low in calories. Due to its beneficial effects, there are multiple goji supplements for weight loss.

Also, regular consumption of goji keeps the blood glucose level under control, thus moderating the excessive need for sweets or unhealthy foods.

A study conducted in 2010 by a team of American specialists showed that the group of subjects who consumed goji juice for 3 months, every day, recorded a faster burning of calories than the group that drank some fruit juice.

Blood Sugar Control

Goji is recommended for those who suffer from major fluctuations in blood sugar, diabetics and pre-diabetics. The high content of antioxidants helps to keep the release of sugar in the blood under control and helps to support the cells involved in the process of insulin secretion.

Goji berries successfully replace the need for sweets, being a simple, delicious and nutritious snack.

So, when you crave something sweet, consume a handful of dried goji berries or drink a glass of goji juice and you will see that in a short time, these cravings will temper and the body’s energy level will balance on its own.

Aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster

The use of goji berries as an aphrodisiac has a long tradition in Asian customs, being one of the most powerful natural remedies in treating erectile dysfunction and female fertility problems.

Regular consumption of goji ensures better sperm quality, stimulates testosterone secretion, maintains an erection, intensifies orgasm and improves the quality of sexual life.

Both partners feel the beneficial effects; the goji berries can be eaten dry or in the form of concentrated juice for at least 3 months.

Prevents Vision Degradation Over Time

Regular consumption of goji by people over the age of 50 is beneficial for maintaining vision quality and eye health. The high content of antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin, helps prevent retinal degradation, which can lead to vision loss over time.

As we age, weakening vision quality is normal. Still, with a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, E and C, this process is slowed down considerably, and the eyes are protected from the action of harmful factors.

Increases Energy Levels

Following a study of regular consumption of goji, the idea is supported that these fruits contribute to maintaining the optimal energy level of the body and reduce the tension felt during periods of stress.

Regardless of the form in which they are consumed, goji berries increase energy levels, maintain mental and physical well-being, and improve the body’s resistance to exertion.


A glass of goji juice is recommended before physical workouts for extra strength and support for muscle function.

Goji juice is also recommended for those experiencing anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue. A goji cure helps to improve the quality of sleep, calm the tension felt mentally and physically, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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