The Japanese knife set “The Complete Set” contains six different knives that are undoubtedly valuable to have close at hand in the kitchen. Whether you are a washable cooking expert or have recently developed an interest in cooking, you must have the right knife at the right time, so why not smoothly perfect your kitchen by investing in a whole set consisting of the six main knives.

As the crown of the work, the knives are sent in a nice gift box as a nice extra detail. Invest in the Japanese knife set The Complete Set for a product from the QKnives brand that will never let you down!

Good to Know About Japanese Knife Set the Complete Set

The Complete Set is a set consisting of six different knives. These are made from 67 layers of carbon steel that have been forged according to the Damascus method.

The result is that you get access to a hardness of 62 HRC, and with this in mind, you can always trust that your knives will remain robust for a long time to come. They retain their sharpness longer than many other knives and have an impressive damask look that gives them a little more character.

The knives Included

So what exactly is included in The Complete Set? Well, you get along and a short herb knife, a chef’s knife, a nakiri knife, a santoku knife, and a bread knife.

As the name suggests, the herb knife is perfect for cutting herbs and smaller vegetables that require precision. If you are instead in need of an effective all-around knife, you can benefit from the chef’s knife, which gives you the opportunity to cut everything from vegetables to meat.

The Naki knife included in the set can be used to chop vegetables, while the Santoku knife allows you to work quickly with, among other things, fish and vegetables. Last but not least, you also have the bread knife that comes with a serrated edge to be able to get through bread loaves without difficulty.

Japanese Knife Set the Complete Set Vs. Market

Japanese Knife Set The Complete Set differs from some other knife sets on the market in that each knife has a long life. This is thanks to the manufacture of 67 layers of carbon steel and the use of the Damascus method.

The hardness of the knives and the ability to maintain their sharpness for a long time to come is one of the many aspects that make The Complete Set unique. For a complete set of knives with all the knives you need for cooking, it is well worth taking a closer look at The Complete Set.

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