We have gone through the market’s best knife blocks for this year. Here’s a quick look at our favorite blocks.

Mannerstrom’s knife Block Bamboo

A unique knife block with an original design. You do not put the knives down in the block, they simply attach to the side. The block is made of bamboo and has magnetic sides.

It gives you easy access to the knife, and your best-looking knives are always visible. It is said that it holds 12 knives, but it is a bit on the high side. If you want to use it for kitchen knives of varying sizes, you can count on 9-10 knives on the block.

The knife block is sturdy and really nice. As usual with Mannerstrom’s products, it is of very good quality.

On the other hand, the smallest knives can have problems and tend to slip off and not hold so well. This applies to knives whose handles are larger and heavier than the blade itself.

Global G-835 / BD

Global is a leader when it comes to kitchen knives and everything that has to do with knives, including knife blocks. Their G-835 is exceptionally good, with a modern and efficient design made of stainless steel.

The block has room for 10 knives, as well as iron. The knife block fits most knives, but the design goes perfectly with Global knives – as they have the same pattern and material. It will be really nice!

Thanks to the inclination of the construction, it is easy to quickly remove and insert a knife into the block.

Fiskars Edge Knife Set with Blocks

There is a surprisingly low price for 5 knives, plus a nice and stylish knife block. In this package, you get a knife block that can be mounted on the wall and stand on the kitchen counter yourself.

You also get a shell knife, Santoku knife, tomato knife, bread knife and a chef’s knife! All this for a little over a thousand bucks – a bargain!

First of all, the design of both the block and the knives is incredibly beautiful! One of the nicest we have come across. They give a very exclusive feeling. We thought the knives would be at the budget level, but they turned out to be sharp and qualitative.

They are as narrow as Japanese knives but have European steel – which bodes well for the longevity of the sharpness. An elegant and high-quality package.

Global GKB-52

A nice knife block in stainless steel that has room for 9 kitchen knives and a sharpening rod. You can even get in a pair of scissors in there.

The knife block is very stable and stable. The design is elegant and modern and fits into most kitchens. We are completely satisfied with this knife block. It feels real and gives a restaurant feeling.

A bonus is that it goes well with Global’s knives in terms of design, even if you also get knives from other brands. Note that the maximum length of the knife blades is 23 cm, so if you cut longer, they will not fit.

Since the block is made by the knife masters Global, you can be sure that the block takes care of the knives in the best possible way – without anything being scratched, damaged or destroyed in any other way.

Mannerstroms Knivblock

There may be knife blocks with a more efficient and smarter solution, but we love this type. All you have to do is put the knife into the rods. It’s simple, keep the knives safe and you can fit many knives.

The product description states that you can fit up to 12 knives, which is true if all knives are small. If you have several larger knives, you will have room for even fewer. Yet many!

The design is stylish and home-like, thanks to the exterior which is made of bamboo. The knife block also takes up minimal space in the kitchen.

Dorre Universal Knife Block

A super cheap knife block, but it looks very exclusive and expensive on the outside. You get a knife block with a stylish and simple design for just under two hundred kronor. It also works well as a decoration. It’s a small knife block, so you can not expect to get in more than 4-5 knives.

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